Course: Control Theory

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Course title Control Theory
Course code AUART/AWKTR
Organizational form of instruction Seminar
Level of course Doctoral
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter
Number of ECTS credits 10
Language of instruction Czech, English
Status of course unspecified
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Vašek Vladimír, prof. Ing. CSc.
Course content
- linear analogue and discrete control loops - analysis of the analogue and discrete control loops, stability - synthesis methods of the analogue and discrete controllers - PID and PSD controllers - general linear controllers - algebraic approache to the analysis and synthesis of the analogue and discrete control loops

Learning activities and teaching methods
Methods for working with texts (Textbook, book), Methods for written tasks (e.g. comprehensive exams, written tests), Demonstration, Exercises on PC, Individual work of students
Learning outcomes
The main aim is to improve and gain knowledge in the field of analysis and synthesis of the technological processes control systems on the basis classical and advance algebraic methods for single-variable and multivariable systems. He will be able to apply acquired knowledge in both linear and nonlinear technological processes control design.
The student is able to design the control systems using standard control methods.
Knowledge from areas: Mathematics Theory of automatic control

Assessment methods and criteria
Analysis of seminar paper, Analysis of a presentation given by the student, Composite examination (Written part + oral part)

Examination: Completion of the assigned project with a set of tasks and its defence.The result of a subject examination is expressed on a six-point scale: A "výborně" (i.e. "excellent"), B "velmi dobře" (i.e. "very good"), C "dobře" (i.e. "good"), D "uspokojivě" (i.e. "satisfactory"), E "dostatečně" (i.e. "sufficient"), F "nedostatečně" (i.e. "fail").
Recommended literature
  • Astrom, K.J., Hagglund, T. PID Controllers. Instr. Soc. of America, 1995.
  • Astrom, K.J., Wittenmark, B. Computer Controlled Systems. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1997.
  • Doyle, C.D., Francis, B.A., Tannenbaum, A.R. Feedback Control Theory. New York : MacMillan, 1992.
  • Franklin, G.F. Feedback Control of Dynamics Systems Pearson Education. London, 2006.
  • Kailath, T. Linear Systems. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1980.
  • Kučera, V. Algebraická teorie diskrétního lineárního řízení. Praha : Academia, 1978.
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  • Šulc, B., Vítečková, M. Teorie a praxe návrhu regulačních obvodů. Praha, 2004.
  • Vašek, V. Teorie automatického řízení II. Zlín, 1990.

Study plans that include the course
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